Imagine the world without the green of the grasses and leaves. Imagine it without the beautiful pink and red roses. Imagine it without the popping brilliance of the yellow sunflower. Or without the clear, blue sky.

What if the world was monochrome? Only hues of black and white exist. Or deep gray lined the streets in place of the trees and wild flower bushes. What if the rainbow was a beautifully and meticulously arranged crescent of black and white hues against a backdrop of a big gray sky? What if the beautiful Kente fabric was a big cottony mass of gray and there were no options to choose from on the Ankara line in the busy Oshodi market?

It really isn’t a very pleasant picture to paint right? I know, because colours make the world a better, more beautiful and pleasant place to be. I honestly don’t think the world would be habitable without colours. It would be too depressing and gloomy. It would be a dreary place.

Sometimes, life feels like an exploding ball of colours. Everything goes well and I feel like I’m walking on sunshine, and rainbows and rose petals. Then there are other times life feels like a relentless, constantly spinning globe of monochrome. Those days when nothing seems to work and and my head seems to have forgotten what a colour filled utopia looks like.


The truth is, monochrome is beautiful. It is the backdrop upon which colours can pop and show their brilliance. The dullness and laid back nature of the monochrome allows for the brightness of other colours to make a statement. It creates the perfect contrast needed for a picture to be spectacular. Here’s what’s most mind blowing; it has the capacity to be gorgeous all alone!

Colours are good! Infact, I think colours are great but sometimes, those same colours can become painfully bright and overwhelming, and may need to be toned down with just a little black here, or a touch of gray there, or a splash of deep blue somewhere between the fiery orange and the blind your enemies yellow.

Same thing applies to life. Most times, God permits us to go through rough patches to smoothen out the edges. So he allows the black days and the gray days to create the perfect contrast needed to make the picture of my life beautiful as it should be. And the best part about it is that He assures us in His word that; when we pass through the waters, He will be with us; and when we pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over us. When we walk through fire, we will not be burned; the flames will not set us ablaze. (Isaiah 43:2, paraphrased)

Sometimes, life is filled with seemingly endless storms, heavy downpours and dark, cloudy moments. But remember, rain makes things grow. It introduces the best colours to the world. Monochrome may be dull but it’s a colour too whether it is black and white, or gray. So on those monochrome days, remember that monochrome is beautiful. The process is beautiful. Trust the process.

Monochrome is beautiful.
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